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    March 1st, 2023

  • Direction to Center For Novel Therapeutics

  • SING Spring Study Session1

    Guest Speakers: Julio De Unamuno, Asuka Kawauchi, Takumi Fujimoto

    April 29th, 17:00-19:00

    Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine

    8775 Costa Verde Blvd, Towers Clubhouse, San Diego CA 92122

    Julio de Unamuno

    CEO at LabFellows (Startup Experience)

    Asuka Kawauchi

    Corporate Strategy at euglena (Funding at Bio venture)

    Takumi Fujimoto

    Rady MBA, Manager at Mizuho (Venture Finance)

  • Our Mission

    Support young life science researchers obtaining knowledge for innovation/development/business

    Scientific Lecture/Research

    Mission: Listen to the latest in science

    Introduce the latest know-how from people active mainly in California, as well as research being done in San Diego.


    Mission: Add value to

    Organize seminars on innovation/business and advising on promoting scientists

    Support for your life

    Mission: 留学先の紹介/生活サポート

    Introduction of

    Support the lives of

  • Managing Team

    Tomoko Hayashi


    Dr. Hayashi graduated from Hyogo College of Medicine (Japan) and obtained a medical degree on 1982. After the clinical training as an ophthalmologist, she completed the graduate program (Ph.D) in Japan. She has lived in San Diego since 1995, working at UCSD for the drug development in the immunochemistry field. In 2016 she formed the support group "Science and Innovation for Next Generation, San Diego (SING San Diego)" with Ms. Kurosu and Dr Matsuzaki. With the help of Rocky Mitsuhashi, a graduate of UCSD Rady’s Business School, she initiated the foundation "Next Generation Life Science Talent Initiative" to support the education and training programs for international postdoctoral fellows and the visiting scholars in San Diego.


    Tomomi Kurosu


    Ms. Kurosu graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University in 1990 with a degree in International Politics and Economics. She worked at the consulting firm Accenture in a wide variety of transnational projects including IT, manufacturing, government, outsourcing and human resource development. Using the wide range of networking she established in her 20 years in the US, she works as a consultant for cross cultural communication, global human resource development, and the support of foreign families. She also works as a coordinator, writer, and teaches Japanese at UCSD.

    Tokio Matsuzaki


    Dr. Matsuzaki graduated from Kobe University (Japan) in 2006. As an orthopedics specialist, he gained experience in treating external wounds/bone fractures, artificial joint replacement, sports disabilities, and went on to obtain his medical degree (PhD) from Kobe University. Since 2014, he has worked at Scripps Institute on research involving pathological condition analysis of osteoarthritis, and anti-aging genetics. He is now beginning research development on robotics for medical use.

  • Japan Innovation program for Waseda/Todai Business School @UCSD

    August 2016

    "Growth from Innovative Science and Technology"@Rady

    Netwoking Event @Bella Vista EJS

  • Donations

    SING San Diego is run by UC San Diego's “Next Generation-Life Science Talent Initiative”. Gifts to UC San Diego “Next Generation-Life Science Talent Initiative” will give us the opportunity to provide education for science/innovation to business development to the International scholars visiting San Diego. The funding will support class room lectures and site visits to the local start-up companies. The funding will also subside expenses for networking activities where the international fellows will meet local innovators and entrepreneurs. This gift can help achieve big results and begin a lifetime of philanthropy with impact in future science and innovation.


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